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After a couple of introductory episodes, we start to discuss more details about specific areas in this episode. When it comes to education, many may not realize that there are alternatives. Despite its controversial nature in some circles, homeschooling is a completely legal alternative to public schooling. In this episode, we discuss some of the reasons behind our decision to homeschool (our reasons may not be what you expected!), and why we feel that it has simplified our lives in some ways.

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One Response to “Simplicity in Education”

  1. sidfaiwu Says:

    I finally completed part of my homeschooling post: It’s nice to hear the other side of the issue though.

    The reason you gave for homeschooling your son is actually not the most common. Most often homeschooling in America is primarily motivated out of fear and/or religion (see links in my post). Initially coming from a position of ignorance on this issue, my guess was that the quality of education would be the most common.

    Otherwise, I guess my response to this episode can be summarized as “I applaud your dedication to your kids’ education, but would ask you to consider the ill side-effects on the wider society.”