About “It’s Really That Simple”

In 2007, Steve and Christy Sensenig decided to start a joint blog to discuss areas of simplicity in life. The title “It’s Really That Simple” echoed a refrain that Steve and Christy found themselves wanting to say anytime they encountered discussions that over-complicated matters of faith.

But as they discussed ideas for the blog, they soon realized that simplicity extended beyond just their faith and church experiences. As homeschoolers, they were simplifying their approach to their children’s education. And they began to explore areas related to nutrition, healthcare, etc.

Months passed without an actual launch of the blog, other than reserving the domain and installing WordPress blogging software. Finally, in January 2009, Steve and Christy decided to launch the site, but with the one major difference in plan being that their thoughts would be recorded as podcasts rather than written blog entries.

Come along beside Steve and Christy as they discuss the many areas of simplicity in their life, and discover for yourself that “It’s Really That Simple”!