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After a couple of introductory episodes, we start to discuss more details about specific areas in this episode. When it comes to education, many may not realize that there are alternatives. Despite its controversial nature in some circles, homeschooling is a completely legal alternative to public schooling. In this episode, we discuss some of the reasons behind our decision to homeschool (our reasons may not be what you expected!), and why we feel that it has simplified our lives in some ways.

 It's Really That Simple: Simplicity in Education [36:40m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download
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We think that it’s important that whatever decisions we make in life, we are motivated by the proper motivations. In this episode, we discuss some of our thoughts regarding our own motivations in these areas. We also talk about some other things that might motivate people to change their thinking, and not all of those motivations are healthy.

 It's Really That Simple: Motivations for Simplicity [37:17m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download
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In this introductory episode of “It’s Really That Simple”, we converse about the general topic of “simplicity” and discuss some of our basic thoughts on how it impacts faith, education, and nutrition. This episode sets up the podcast by giving the listener some ideas of the types of things that will be discussed in future episodes.

We hope it will whet your appetite for more discussions about simple living in many areas of our lives!

 It's Really That Simple: Introductory Episode [32:38m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download
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It’s been over a year-and-a-half since Steve and Christy first thought about launching “It’s Really That Simple”. Originally, the plan was for a joint blog effort, with both of them writing posts. However, Steve and Christy have decided to do a podcast, instead, and record their conversations on these topics.

Join them later this week as the new podcast launches, and discover for yourself that “It’s Really That Simple”!